about alusmart

alusmart is committed to be the high quality aluminum profile manufacturer and supplier, products line cludes aluminum tubes, aluminum industry profile, alu heat sink and other customized profile .

We are proud to produce high quality 6061/6063 in T4/T5/T6, we own ourself aluminum extrudes, auto metal machined center and surface finishing like anodize and powder coating.

alusmart can provide a full supply chain from aluminum extrude to finishing, it is easy to control products quality, come down cost in one station service.

From the long term development, we are looking forward to find the overseas partner to have a deep cooperation. We belive our high quality and good price will be an excellent attraction. Quality is always the most important for a company. We devoted to be a reliable and loyal supplier in the global.

Protect customer’s profit and market is confidential in our cooperation.

Refuse and never leak or sell customer’s products to other competitors, it is unique to protect your company value.

We deep believe that creativity,price, quality, service and loyal creat a huge value.

alusmart bobo limited ( own 100% )

more than 5500 square meters
3x extrusion machines ( 1x800tons / 1x1200tons / 1x1500tons )
2x 5m long high speed CNC
2x CNC high-speed machine
1x auto cutting machine ( high efficiency short profile cutting machine )

zuoersheng aluminum extrusion factory ( own 20% )

more than 35000 square meters
5x extrusion machines ( 2x800tons / 1x1200tons / 1x1500tons / 1x2500tons )
1x atuo powder coating line